Business IMPEX is online informational platform on Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO). If you are the sales Person or a Business owner in the BPO industry, the website will definitely help you increase your knowledge. As I know the importance of the customer support and call center service in the business and it is complex to deal with numerous factors while running the business.

About Author

Welcome to my Business Blog Website. I am Murtaza Ali (Business Student and Enterpreneur). The Purpose of the blog is to share my ideas and my 5 yeas BPO experience with my readers. Apart from my experience, I love to write the content on business topics. Be with me, and enjoy the latest information by follow my Blog.

My Personal Experience and Journey:

Back in 2012, When I complete my A level education and joined part time job as a call center agent in one of the company. I worked their since 2 years and make the sales and achieve my targets of 30 sales per month. I gained lot of experience throughout that journey, how to deal with customer, lead conversion, maintain leads CRM, deal with companies and all.

After that, Back in 2015 joined as a Floor Manager in the telecom company. The job role was to train the agents for the lead conversion, and communicate with different clients and work on the different campaigns. After that, started my own small company in call center industry in 2019 providing the Customer Support services to United States companies.

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